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Breeding with a Purr-Puss


Kittens available now 18/05/23


Reverence Eden
Our foundation queen


DNA Testing

All the cats we use in our breeding program have been DNA tested for HCM, PKD and have shown to be negative.

Eden's Eyes

eden eyes.jpg

To  all the prospective buyers of a good quality Ragdoll Cat be aware before you buy of what you are being offered.

      Scammers are out there so please be aware, If the Breeder has no registered number to an affiliated national cat club Governing council of the cat fancy or FASA or ANCATS in your state or sometimes they fake this reg no. to be safe contact your local club and ask them if who you are dealing with is registered, its as easy as sending an email and could save you thousands and all that heart ache.

some things to look at are...

 if there is no pedigree... thats a red flag!

if only one vaccination is flag!

if the kitten is only eight weeks old at time of sale... red flag! you are probably dealing with what we call a backyard breeder who is in it for the money not for improvement and quality of the Ragdoll Cat.

Do your due diligence and protect yourself and this beautiful breed.

      Go to our kitten info page to see what we offer also go to our ragdoll information page to view photos of what the ragdoll kitten and adult should look like.

sweet rhapsody3.jpg

Reverence Sweet Rhapsody
Our Foundation queen




Hello and welcome to Gossamer Ragdolls, my name is Jacquie Mathers and my husband is Jeff. Our cattery is located about 45 minutes drive south of Adelaide, at Seaford Meadows in South Australia.

 Our cats are our family members and have the best life we can give them, we will only ever be a small cattery and as such we do not have any of them in cages, this is a choice we have made and it is working beautifully,. They live in our house with us and sleep on our beds or wherever  they want to and sometimes they choose very weird places like the linen cupboard or the middle of the stairs!


We also have our back yard safeguarded with an Ocillot system and cat netting which means they can spend their days sunning themselves outside  or playing in the grass plant pots  they can come and go through a cat door but we lock that at night and they sleep inside.

All our Ragdolls have been DNA tested for HCM and PKD and are clear before we breed from them.

 Ragdolls, having the personality that they do, will have you laughing and playing for hours. They like nothing more than chasing a piece of string or a newspaper ball across the floor. To me a Ragdoll is very dog like, apart from following you around the house and rolling over to have their belly scratched, they can be taught to retrieve and can be lead trained, they also lick you when they are happy with you and has a purr that rumbles into your heart.


 Breeding with a PurrPuss to us means that we breed to a standard set by our Governing council, to improve the breed by using strong, healthy and sound ragdolls both in body and temperament.

We have bloodlines from around the world that have been chosen for their amazing pedigrees.

If you feel that a Gossamer kitten is for you and your family please fill out the application form on the kitten info application page.


Fur with the look and feel of  Gossamer 

rahpsody eden1.jpg

Rhapsody and Eden at six months

Jacqueline Mathers

Registered member of the

Governing Cat Fancy of South Australia 

Breeder No. GCSA 794

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