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Welcome to life with a Ragdoll

You have many wonderful years to look forward to, having  your  Ragdoll  as  company,  as  Ragdolls  are generally long lived. Ragdolls are fun loving and make wonderful companions as they love human company and will play happily on your knee or at your side for many an  hour,  even  when  they  have  matured  and become  the Lord or Lady of the house, they still love to play. I have found the best games are with scrunched up balls of alfoil or pieces of string also using a laser light on the wall is a great game.

       One of the best thing I can recommend is a ceramic water fountain, cats are desert creatures and as such are not the best drinkers but they will drink more from running water and ceramic fountain keeps the water cool.

      Litter trays, at least 2 per cat is a must plus 1 extra if you have more than 1 cat -  they like one for wee's and one for poo's , cats are creatures of habit and are very clean so keep the trays spotless and you shouldn't  have a problem.

      Please  do  not  hesitate  to  phone me, even if  it  is only to tell me that he/she has settled in okay.  Enjoy and Have Fun.

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