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Gossamer-Ragdolls Adelaide


Kitten Prices are as follows 

Mitted & Bicolour  pets only -from  $1700

Show quality -  $1900

Breed/show - from $4000

All kittens are raised in our home to ensure they are happy, healthy and very spoilt with lots of love and cuddles and are well socialised so you can be safe in the knowledge of receiving a well balanced baby Our kittens are available to go to their new homes from 12 weeks of age after desexing.



- Desexing - non negotiable.

- Microchipped

- 2  x F3  Kitten Vaccinations.

- Regularly scheduled Worming.

- Treated with revolution ( or similar ) at time of going home.

- Health Sheet  with latest updates of above.

- full pedigree from the Governing council of the cat fancy of SA.

- Soft Toy they have been sleeping with.

- Small Blanket.

- Dry Kitten Food Sample.

- Sample of OZ-Pet Litter (not for kittens flying interstate) 

All carry cages, flights etc will be paid upfront by the new pet owner

before any flights are booked.


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