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Last litter for this season

coming for cuddles, sometimes I look like I'm wearing a fur coat.

These Kittens are looking for forever homes and a few really are so loving that they need home where they have someone home with them a lot of the time or getting a second kitten so I am happy to give a good discount to those taking two kittens then I know they will always have a playmate.

If you are interested in this offer please call me to arrange coming to meet the kittens and I can help you decide which 2 will go together. 


These are the last kittens until early next year. 


Blue bicolour boy...stunning!

Adopted going to live in Broken Hill.


Blue mitted and seal bicolour both looking for a family to call their own, total love bugs they want nothing more than to be cuddled.


This darling boy needs a home where he can be loved and carried around most of the day and he also loves a good chat.

I think it would be good for him to go to a new home with one of his brothers so I am willing to give a discount on both kittens.

Please pm me for details.…



Blue mitted boy ( pink foot ) both stunning in looks and temperament.


Seal bicolour boy

funny, cuddly fellow who has us cracking up laughing with his antics!

seal bicolour.jpg

Seal bicolour boy

Cleaning his nose like a good boy


Extremely hard to get kitten pics when all they want to do is cuddle!  (Back foot teal)

such pretty eyes and so cuddly!


Last of my blue bicolours

Think I'll be sad/happy when he finds a home.


Seal mitted boy who's super sleepy but can't resist seeing what I'm doing...would suit a family with children to carry him around and play dress ups!


Seal mitted boy definitely not eating my lamp...

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